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We offer complete servicing and repairs for all situations...


Servicing and repairs is available for all makes and models and we offer a choice of servicing in the following formats:

Our Gold service

(an annual schedule devised from our many years of expertise)

Our Silver service

(an in between service again devised from or expertise)

Our Bronze service

(an ecconomy service for to help keep your car running and safe)

Dealer servicing

(we can carry out the exact operations carried out by the manufacturer at a main dealer) 

Servicing is of up most importance to ensure your vehicle stays in good shape helping to ensure safety, fuel economy, road worthiness and maximising your vehicles lifespan. Without regular servicing your vehicle can develop serious defects that could not only affect your safety but have a huge affect on your pocket, brake pads when worn can be replaced on their own but brake pads that have actually worn out often damage the brake discs making them unsuitable for further use. An untreated misfire from a worn out spark plug can quickly lead to catalytic converter failure and a costly MOT bill.

With regular servicing these things can be avoided and generally the cost of preventative maintenance (servicing) is far less than the repair bills!

As an MOT test centre we are very experienced in vehicle repair following MOT failure, our staff will provide you with an estimate for repair together with an honest appraisal of you vehicles condition, we never look for unnecessary work on your vehicle and will only ever offer genuine advice and guidance.



Car wandering or pulling to one side? Perhaps it just feels a little vague when cornering, either way we can help. Poor steering is often a sign that one of the many steering components is worn or out of adjustment, we can check your steering and suspension and advise you of when needs to be done.



Your brakes play a vital part in keeping you and your family safe on the roads, if your cars brakes aren't maintained they might not work correctly in an emergency. We will never over sell you on anything and if your brakes aren't worn out or defective we won't try to sell you new ones!



We supply and fit exhausts for all makes and models, don't let the Fast Fits talk you into more than you need. Each exhaust we repair is done in the most cost effective way, if its cheaper for you to have your existing exhaust repaired instead of being replaced then thats what we will do, often saving hundreds of £'s.



We service all makes and models and have dealer level diagnostics for Citroen, Renault, Peugeot , Vw , Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes and Bmw. Our Technicians are highly trained and share a wealth of experience gained from years of dealing with all major car manufacturers.